Still I Rise

As an organisation aim to provide the following:

  • Raising awareness: provide services that will educate community members about Gender Based Violence
  • Empowerment:  This approach is grounded in the belief that victims of Gender Based Violence should have access to information, education, and other necessary social and economic support to make informed decisions that best reflect their interests and needs.
  • Entrepreneurship: provide resources to individuals who have escaped the cycle of Gender Based Violence.  Assist them in achieving their short term and long term goals and enabling them to manage their careers effectively. Conducting individual interviews, assessing client needs,  will enable “Still I Rise” to provide information, advice and guidance on training and employment opportunities to promote independence and economic security
  • Protection: Advocating for improvements to Gender Based Violence policy and practice. Encouraging other agencies to develop best practice services and approaches. To proactively engage and work with employers you open and secure employment.
  • Mental Health: Remove the stigma attached to Mental Health by raising  public awareness and challenging the negative attitudes that create prejudice and lead to negative actions and discrimination